Coconut Oil, German Shepherds, and Pine Sap…
We’ve all been there…a beautiful evening outside.  Puppies romping and playing about.  Everything is going smoothly.  Nobody is causing too much of a ruckus at the moment.  The small pack has settled down in the pine shavings underneath the freshly trimmed pine tree.  The sun is beginning to set on what was a decently balmy day on the Central Coast.  One of the sweet boys comes up to me for a pet, and I notice a strange-looking clump of pine shavings stuck to his chest.  A moment of panic begins to creep in as I am fairly sure I know what I am about to find as I reach under his big, fluffy chest.  Sure enough, as I do the dreaded sticky-icky, pine-sappy clump of puppy fur that I was wishing wasn’t there, was.  NO.  Not pine sap!  And not on puppy fur!  Probably one of the worst things to deal with.  And, it must be dealt with immediately, or else it will get twisted and knotted and cause the puppy tremendous pain.  Upon further inspection, he also has another big clump of it deeply matted onto his elbow.  Just great!  My puppies are wallowing around in a weeping, pine-sappy mess up on the hill.  Freaking fantastic! 
In my panic, my daughter reminded me she heard something about peanut butter having properties of oils that remove pine sap.  "Well," I thought to myself, “rubbing peanut butter onto puppies is probably not a good idea, especially with the meat bees we have hanging around.”  I then thought I’d give coconut oil a try.  I scooped a big glob of coconut oil into a Styrofoam bowl and headed outside.  I proceeded to massage the matted, pine-sappy mess of puppy fur with the already melted coconut oil from the previous heat of the day.  With just a little massaging, the pine sap began to feel like sugar in my hand!  It was very strange.  Like it was turning into syrup!  In no time at all, the pine sap just disappeared.  I had what I thought was going to be a complete disaster cleaned up in less than five minutes off my big, fluffy beautiful boy.  Coconut oil saved the evening.  I was convinced I was going to have an enormous amount of time struggling with him bronco bucking around in trying to get him cleaned up.  That wasn’t the case at all.  He enjoyed the massage and loved the taste of the coconut oil as he was licking my hands while I was getting rid of all the sticky mess matted in his fur.  Win-win in my book!
Seresto Flea/Tick Collars Linked to 1,700 Pet Deaths
Seresto Flea & Tick collars are harmful to your pets! I am floored by what I just read.  This information is appalling. Why is this product still on the market? So many instances of animal harm and death.
“I’ve never seen any product that had 75,000 incidents,” McCormack said.
One man lost two of his dogs after applying the collars, “Thirty-three and 54 days later, they're both dead,” Packard said.
And the list goes on and on. Seresto Flea and Tick collars are also harmful to the humans that interact with the pet who is wearing the collar, “It’s really not just happening to animals. It’s happening to people who pet them as well,” Donley said. “I have two young kids who are all over our dog all the time. I can imagine how highly exposed people would be to residues.”
Take the time to read this entire article. Flea and Tick products are not always safe. They are chemicals that are voluntarily being applied to your beloved pet. After reading this, I will no longer treat any of our German Shepherd dogs or puppies with chemicals. Not a chance in hell. I am on a mission to find an all-natural treatment and preventative for fleas and ticks. I refuse to poison my animals when the EPA knows of the dangers yet leaves these products on the market. I will share what I come up with as far as an all-natural treatment plan once I find one I'm satisfied with.  Educate yourself. It could save your pets life. If you currently have a pet wearing one of these collars, remove it immediately. #noseresto #EPA #SaveYourPet
Petition to pull this product from the market was filed.  Read details HERE!
Full article on Seresto Flea/Tick collars can be read HERE.

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